Info om søknadsskjema


Info om linjer

During this year you will participate in:

  • mushing a lot in Pasvik, a paradise for all husky mushers.
  • Becoming familiar with huskies, inc. all care and maintenance of the husky yard
  • All forms of exercise , autumn and winter
  • Hiking, skiing, skijoring and sledging with dogs
  • Training and commissioning of young dogs
  • Training of dogs leader
  • Care and kennel work
  • Practical work with sleds , ropes and equipment
  • To arrange Finnmark Race , Europe's longest sled dog race ( 1200 km )
  • To camp out in tents, huts and under open skies in the beautiful Pasvik Valley
  • The certificate of competence

The certificate of competence is an overall summery of the year which concludes in a written part and a practical part, which is to spend a night out in the wilderness with your own team and survive the night! This is optional but a super challenge to undergo.

Throughout the course you will also gain an insight to:

  • canoe and kayak
  • clothing and equipment
  • Map, compass and GPS
  • snow and avalanche
  • making a good campsite
  • using primus and light a fire
  • You will practice what you learn on short and long trips in all nature, from coast to mountains and virgin forests

Here you have the chance to experience this amazing adventure

You will be involved in all the training of the huskies, autumn and winter, learn about working with the dogs on the ground. Have a chance to brush shoulder with some of the best musher whilst helping out at Europe's longest mushing race, Finnmarksløpet! And even help train a team of our dogs for our local race, Pasvik Trail. The course also includes a guide to living and working in the wildlife, sleeping outside to the open skies, learn to navigate with a map and compass, and the most important, to light a fire in all weather conditions! Learning survival skills, how to dress to all weather conditions and how to get the most out of the beautiful nature in a safe way.

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