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Traveling across borders meeting people in the north region, you can contribute to more peace and understanding. Pasvik Folkehøgskole is a pioneer in people relations across the borders in the North, and has a wide network of contact throughout this region. As a student on this course you will contribute to expand this network, with travels to old and new friends in the Barents region.  We`ll backpack through Russia, meeting interesting people and groups from politics, culture and media. Important topics on the course are human rights, politics, social differences, native people and environmental questions. 

As a student at Hot Arctic - Russia you can experience: 

  • Backpacking in Russia
  • Cross-border study trips in northern parts of Russia, Finland and Norway
  • Meet indigenous peoples, as the nenets people in Naryan-Mar and Sami people on the Scandinavian peninsula
  • Workshops, conferences and cultural meetings in the Barents region
  • Learn more about indigenous people, the environment and human rights
  • Make a blog about your adventurous travels and experiences in the north, the land of Aurora Borealis
  • Get unique knowledge about the high north
  • Much of the communication will be in English, and you’ll get to know your fellow students coming from all over the world, quite well!

Hot Arctic is the subject for you who seek to dive deeper and learn more about the places you visit!
Experience the pulsating Arctic, the hottest spot in Europe!

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Students will most likely be from all over the world

so the preferred language in the classroom will probably be English. We will travel to different parts of the Barents region, and the class will have their say about where we go, and what we focus on during the trips.

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