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Info om linjer

 Traveling across borders meeting people in the north region, you can contribute to more peace and understanding. Pasvik Folkehøgskole is a pioneer in people relations across the borders in the North, and has a wide network of contact throughout this region. As a student on this course you will contribute to expand this network, with travels to old and new friends in the Barents region.  We`ll backpack through Russia, meeting interesting people and groups from politics, culture and media. Important topics on the course are human rights, politics, social differences, native people and environmental questions. 

You will participate in: 

  • Arranging the Cultural festival Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes.
  • Various trips in the Barents region, including a trip to Narjan Mar meeting the native Nenetse people.
  • Central conferences in the region
  • Meeting people who work politically in the region
  • Creating new projects and building new networks across the borders in the North. 

Students will most likely be from all over the world

so the preferred language in the classroom will probably be English. We will travel to different parts of the Barents region, and the class will have their say about where we go, and what we focus on during the trips.

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