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Here is a possibility to experience some rare opportunities in both fishing and hunting small and big game, moose, and even wolverine. With the forrest's around here known for its hunting challenges you are guaranteed a fun and testing year. Never had the chance to put your hand to fly fishing? Chances are endless here in Pasvik and Finnmark, what with the Pasvik River just minutes walking distance from the school with all year round fishing, and an extraordinary expedition to Finnmarks plateau for ice fishing, and much, much more. All in all you will have a great time with great friends with similar interests sharing many stories and laughter around the camp fire.

Come let loose for an adventure packed year with many tours, day trips, friendship bonds and great memories.

Join us on :

  • A week long moose hunting
  • Salmon fishing in Finnmark
  • Grouse and capercaillie hunting
  • Hare hunting on "Sørøya".
  • Ice fishing
  • Great trout fishing in Pasvik river
  • Hunting for ducks and muskrats
  • Trapping 
  • King crab and sea fishing
  • Construction of own fly rod and fly tying
  • a course for the Hunting licence for those who need it
  • reloading ammunition

Here you have the chance to experience this amazing adventure. You will be involved in all the training of the huskies, autumn and winter, learn about working with the dogs on the ground. Have a chance to brush shoulder with some of the best musher whilst helping out at Europe's longest mushing race, Finnmarksløpet! And even help train a team of our dogs for our local race, Pasvik Trail. The course also includes a guide to living and working in the wildlife, sleeping outside to the open skies, learn to navigate with a map and compass, and the most important, to light a fire in all weather conditions! Learning survival skills, how to dress to all weather conditions and how to get the most out of the beautiful nature in a safe way.

During this year you will participate in:

  • Becoming familiar with huskies, inc. all care and maintenance of the husky yard
  • All forms of exercise , autumn and winter
  • Hiking, skiing, skijoring and sledging with dogs
  • Training and commissioning of young dogs
  • Training of dogs leader
  • Care and kennel work
  • Practical work with sleds , ropes and equipment
  • To arrange Finnmark Race , Europe's longest sled dog race ( 1032 km )
  • To camp out in tents, huts and under open skies in the beautiful Pasvik Valley
  • The certificate of competence

The certificate of competence is an overall summery of the year which concludes in a written part and a practical part, which is to spend a night out in the wilderness with your own team and survive the night! This is optional but a super challenge to undergo.

Throughout the course you will also gain an insight to:

  • canoe and kayak
  • clothing and equipment
  • Map, compass and GPS
  • snow and avalanche
  • making a good campsite
  • using primus and light a fire
  • You will practice what you learn on short and long trips in all nature, from coast to mountains and virgin forests

Pasvik and Finnmark is the best starting point for exciting and varied outdoors life. Come and explore the beautiful forrest, mountains and coastline with us and learn traditional norwegian outdoor life!

You will learn to master versatile outdoor activities in both summer and winter seasons. During the school year you will be on serval short and longer tours in Finnmark`s nature. One of our challenges is to plan and complete a longer expedition. There is no need to have any previous knowledge of outdoor activities, but you must enjoy being outside. Together we will attempt a tour of the diverse Finnmark with many memories, friendships, camp fires and laughter!

During this year you will participate in:

  • Canoe trip in Pasvik National Park
  • Sørøya crisscrossing
  • Overnight in Lavvu/tents and under open sky
  • The Summit Rastigaisa, East Finnmark's highest mountain
  • Winter expedition to Finnmarksvidda
  • Paddling by sea kayak
  • Wilderness Cuisine
  • Northern Lights safari
  • Kiting on skis
  • Skijoring and Sledding with Huskies
  • Autumn hiking between cabins in Pasvik
  • Avalanche course
  • Navigation with compass, map and GPS. 
  • Clothing for different seasons
  • Equipment Crafting

Want to get back in touch with your Norwegian ancestry, explore the northern part of Norway - or just wish to learn the language? If so, you need no prior knowledge of Norwegian. You choose one of the 5 major subjects and follow this class among Norwegian students. But in addition you get 8 lessons a week to study Norwegian. We offer major subjects within these areas:       

  • Hunting and fishing
  • Hot Arctic - Geopolitics in the north       
  • Adventure North - Arctic tourism        
  • Dogsledding and outdoor life   
  • Outdoor Finnmark      


Teaching is arranged not only in the classroom. You will also experience long and short study tours where you can practice your Norwegian and also gain an insight into Norwegian society.  As a foreign student you will take part in cultural events at school and in the community. Students on the Norwegian course are integrated with the Norwegian students, as you all live together in dormitories and socialize with each other when free time. A strength of our school is our international community between young people from different countries.


Together with the other students on the course you plan your "dream year" in the arctic north. We experience the best things in the north, and also document our trips with pictures and videos in blogs and social media. The class will together agree upon a "top 10- list" of things to do during the school year which can be: 

  • reindeerherding
  • looking for bears in Pasvik
  • snowmobilesafari
  • travelling with Hurtigruta along the coast of Finnmark
  • cooking arctic gourmet food
  • dog mushing under the Northern lights

There will be several studie travels during the school year, most of which in Finnmark, but we will also visit the northern parts of Finland and Russia.The last trip in spring will go to Svalbard.

Why wait? Choose Adventure North! 


Traveling across borders meeting people in the north region, you can contribute to more peace and understanding. Pasvik Folkehøgskole is a pioneer in people relations across the borders in the North, and has a wide network of contact throughout this region. As a student on this course you will contribute to expand this network, with travels to old and new friends in the Barents region.  We`ll backpack through Russia, meeting interesting people and groups from politics, culture and media. Important topics on the course are human rights, politics, social differences, native people and environmental questions. 

You will participate in: 

  • Arranging the Cultural festival Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes.
  • Various trips in the Barents region, including a trip to Narjan Mar meeting the native Nenetse people.
  • Central conferences in the region
  • Meeting people who work politically in the region
  • Creating new projects and building new networks across the borders in the North. 


Students will most likely be from all over the world, so the preferred language in the classroom will probably be English. We will travel to different parts of the Barents region, and the class will have their say about where we go, and what we focus on during the trips. 

We are a folk high school located in Finnmark

the northern most region of Norway. The folk high school lasts one year and has the goal to teach the students applicable life skills. You will get to know yourself better as well as the other students and teachers here. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to emerge yourself in classes you find interesting.

As a student, you can choose one of our six main subjects. In addition, you can choose between a number of electives and you will have some mandatory classes that all students must attend. In the mandatory classes you will learn a lot about what makes the Finnmark and the Barents region special. Some of the covered topics include the Sami culture and its traditions. You can read more about our main subjects from the menu on our website. If you know a little Norwegian and are fluent in English, you can choose from any of the main subjects, but if you don’t know any Norwegian and have difficulties with English, we recommend that you choose the Norwegian Language and Culture class as your main subject. Please contact the school if you are unsure about which main subject to choose.  

When you come to Pasvik, you will experience beautiful nature and breath-taking wilderness. The climate here is typical of areas in the Arctic Circle, and the winter lasts from November until May with a temperature ranging from around 15 to -40 degrees Celsius. You will have many wonderful and unique nature encounters throughout the year at the school. For many, the fantastic Northern Lights that often appear in the sky will make a strong impression.

The school lies 40 kilometers from Kirkenes, which is a small town where you can find different shops and service providers. The school arranges weekly trips to Kirkenes for a small fee.   We are a small school with 60 available spots. Our students come from all over Norway. We also have around 10-12 foreign students every year. As a student at the folk high school you will live in dorms with the other students. At Pasvik Folk High School we have 5 dormitories with rooms for 12 students each. You can choose between living in a single or a double room. Our dorms are modern and all have Wi-Fi.

A year at Pasvik Folk High School ranges from NOK 94 000,-  to 103 000,- depending on which main subject you select. The costs include room and board, school trips and other school related expenses. You will need addition pocket money. Contact the school if you want any additional information concerning the prices and other practical relations.   We hope to welcome you to a fabulous school year!

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